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NO.CST (IF) - 67/2006/Pt.
Dated the Itanagar the 20th July, 2009.

C I R C U L A R - N O. -06

Sub: Decentralization of issuance of "C" Forms at the level of Superintendents of Tax & Excise Department.

1. It is for general information to all concerned that issuance of "C" Form has been decentralized with immediate effect and all the Superintendents (Tax & Excise) are authorized to issue "C" Forms.

2. Dealers can obtain "C" Forms from concerned Superintendent (T&E) with following documents/checklist:-
    a. Application (Form 2C).
    b. Duly filled new Annexure has been added to Form 2C (Copy enclosed).
    c. Utilization report of previously issued "C" forms (Form 2B).
    d. Requisition Account (Form 2C).
    e. Copies of VAT Returns (Form FF-01) w.e.f. 01/04/2005 onwards.
    f. Details of dealers to whom forms will be issued.

3. All Superintendents (T&E) should ensure that the dealers follow the above procedures and check genuinity before issue of "C" forms. The declaration form "C" must be issued in small quantity for each quarter after proper verification. Further, the "C" form should be issued for only those goods for which the dealers have been registered under CST Act, 1956. In addition all Superintendents (T&E) shall submit a monthly report (as per proforma enclosed) otherwise new blank "C" form books will not be issued to them.

4. All Superintendents (T&E) are however directed to take prior approval from Secretary (T&E) for issue of other declaration forms.

(Amit Singla, IAS)
Secretary (Tax & Excise),
Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh,